2018 - What's Done, What's Coming

May 06, 2018

2018 - What's Done, What's Coming

As we entered 2018, our goal was to make it a year full of new and diverse offerings, including a French-English bilingual coloring book, a study guide for The Singing Heart, new audio recordings on a new website, and continued work on the Icelandic translation of The Orthodox Way. 

And indeed, as we quickly approach Pentecost we are excited to have already released our bilingual coloring book for purchase, as well as the study guide for The Singing Heart. Further, we have finished final editing for a new podcast series, and you're currently reading this on our new and improved website. Glory be God! 

Of course, the Icelandic translation of Metropolitan Kallistos Ware's The Orthodox Way is ongoing, and we ask for ask your prayers. Furthermore, your donations to help us succeed in completing this and other projects. 

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