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The Poetic Spiritual Life of Father Lazar

A man of few words but great compassion, Father Lazar of Serbia and Montenegro sought neither attention nor accolades, yet became a revered spiritual leader not only for his monastery but for those both within, and without, the walls of his monastery. The words and actions of this modern-day spiritual father, born of an unfailing hope in Christ, cut through the din and clatter of a turbulent world. Those willing to listen - to Father Lazar's own words and the words of those shepherded by him - have an opportunity to enter the empathy that he had for all people.

Father Lazar was a twentieth century holy man and abbot of the famous Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro, a pilgrimage destination for thousands from around the world. He also was the founder of Ostrog’s skete Jovan Do, where he was buried after his death in 2000, and a spiritual father to the nuns at the Chelija Piperska Monastery.

For a lovely photo tour of the Ostrog Monastery where Father Lazar was abbot, visit the website of the Metropolia of Montenegro. Don't worry if you can't read the text. (OCTS is here to bridge those language barriers through our publications). For now, just click through the photos and enjoy! 

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