Our People

Alexandra Weber 
Alexandra Weber (née Kotar) is a literary translator, lifetime student of Russian cultural history, Marine Corps wife, and Orthodox Christian. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Writing from the University of San Francisco and a Master's degree in Russian Literary Translation from Columbia University. At Columbia, her research interests included the cultural history of the first wave of Russian emigration to Europe and Asia during the early-twentieth century. Her main work involved the translation of personal memoirs written during the Soviet Era, both in Russia and in the Diaspora. She worked at Columbia's Bakhmeteff Archive, processing such collections as the papers of Russian émigré activist Alexander Kazem-Bek. In addition to her translation projects, Alexandra loves to travel, and dreams of pursuing her research of the Russian emigration's cultural history in every new place she visits.

Alexandra translated The Singing Heart by Ivan Ilyin from Russian to English.

Ágúst Symeon Magnússon

Ágúst Symeon Magnússon originally hails from Reykjavík, Iceland. He has a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Iceland and a PhD in Philosophy from Marquette University where his dissertation focued on the correspondence between the philosophical thought of Søren Kierkgegaard and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Ágúst Symeon converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church in 2005. His interests include existentialism, philosophy of religion, film, literature, and playing Ninja Turtles with his son Jóakim.

Ágúst Symeon is currently translating The Orthodox Way by Metropolitan KALLISTOS Ware from English to Icelandic.

Milena Taylor
Milena Taylor is a mother of five, a wife, and a translator by profession. Born in Serbia, educated in the United States (B.S., University of Texas), she returned with her American-Serbian husband to her motherland in 1996. She lived with her family for 10 years in Montenegro, witnessing and being part of the regional spiritual revival after 50 years of Communist suppression and persecution of the Orthodox faith. She has translated 15 Orthodox Christian books published by Orthodox monasteries in Serbia and Montenegro and numerous articles for various Orthodox magazines. She and her family now make their home in the United States.

Milena translated Place Your Hope in the Lord from Serbian to English.

Creative Contributors

Ron Ditthardt
Ron has been a co-teacher of an adult bible class for more than a decade at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Palatine, Illinois. In fact, he has taught high school, college age, and adult bible classes in five churches for more than 50 years. A licensed architect during the same period, he designed additions and renovations to three churches.

Ron wrote the study guide for Ivan Ilyin's The Singing Heart and is currently writing an article on Christian unity.

Hannah Kathrine Dick
Hannah Kathrine was born in Louisville, Kentucky and studied 2-D and 3-D Art at the University of Louisville. Being surrounded by a family full of musicians, artists, writers, and poets both kindled and nurtured her need to create. She regularly creates in watercolor, acrylic, and digital art, but loves to work in a variety of mediums. Hannah converted to Orthodoxy as a young adult and is a member of Saint Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville. You can visit her website at hannahkathrine.com.

Hannah Kathrine provided artwork for bilingual coloring books published by OCTS.


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