2019 Proposals

We will be accepting new proposals later in 2019. When our annual call for proposals has begun, we will make our Proposal Application accessible.

OCTS is committed to making beautiful Orthodox translations and sharing them with the world. From our inception, we have endeavored to stay abreast of current trends in print publishing to offer products in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. While we continue to print books via a print-on-demand model, we also want to offer brief translations and audiovisual materials via online delivery.

Projects can be proposals for translations of material to or from any language. Source material should be related to Orthodox Christianity, but the project can be of any genre and can be written, audio, or audio-visual. Budgets will be proposed by the translators. Proposals will be reviewed by our Selection Committee, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board.

Each proposal must include all of the following:

  1. Project proposal submitted via our online form.
    (Form will become available later, in 2019.)

  2. Translator's statement explaining why the project is worthy of funding, identifying an intended audience, and providing information about research to ensure that the text has not already been translated into the target language.

  3. Sample translation of a section of the proposed text into the target language (1000-2000 words, in text or other format).

  4. Translator's curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.

  5. Correspondence between the translator and copyright holder evidencing written permission for the work to be translated into the target language.

  6. Three letters of recommendation, sent directly to OCTS at bod@orthodoxtranslations.org. Two of these letters must be from relevant professionals who can attest to the translator's work and past experience. The third letter must be from the translator's parish priest.

All items except the three letters of recommendation will be submitted or uploaded via our online Proposal Application.

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