Current Project: The Orthodox Way, by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

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Translated from English to Icelandic by Ágúst Symeon Magnússon

Ágúst Symeon Magnússon originally hails from Reykjavík, Iceland. He has a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Iceland but has lived and worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the past eight years where he is finishing a doctorate degree in philosophy at Marquette University. He is writing a dissertation on the correspondence between the philosophical thought of Søren Kierkgegaard and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Ágúst Symeon converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church in 2005. His interests include existentialism, philosophy of religion, film, literature, and playing Ninja Turtles with his son Jóakim. 

Symeon has been inspired to take on the missionary effort of translating the best-selling book of St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, The Orthodox Way. His life experience told in his own words explains the significance of this project:

When I was in my twenties, I began to seriously search for answers in various spiritual traditions. Like many people in Iceland, I immediately discounted Christianity as a possible source of enlightenment and wisdom. I was a practicing Buddhist for many years, seeking healing through the contemplative practices of the Far East, since I firmly believed that none existed within the confines of the Christian tradition.

A few years later, I traveled to the United States as an exchange student. It was during this time that I was first introduced to Orthodoxy. I had never even heard of the Orthodox tradition before, as most people in Iceland are largely unaware of its existence. I was completely blown away by this beautiful tradition that spoke to the deepest spiritual yearnings that so consumed my heart, and I began to pray earnestly for the first time in my life.

When I returned to Iceland, I eagerly sought to continue my study of the Orthodox Church but found that my resources were severely limited. There were then, and still are, no books in Icelandic on the Orthodox Church. I continued my journey in spite of the complete lack of material in my native language, and I was baptized in the Orthodox Church in the United States. 

It is my hope that this translation will be a first step in providing the people of Iceland with a glimpse into the beauty and grace of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Way was an essential component in my conversion as it provided a clear and succinct introduction to the major doctrines of the Orthodox Church and a window into the ancient wisdom of Patristic Christianity. Iceland represents an astoundingly fertile soil for the growth and flourishing of Orthodox truth. It is a country whose nature is shocking and awe-inspiring in its beauty and whose people are deeply attuned to the spiritual dimension of life. Yet they are increasingly turning a blind eye to Christianity as a possible avenue for spiritual growth. It is my sincere belief that if we provide pathways to Orthodoxy, the people of Iceland will respond to the grace of this beautiful tradition.

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